We offer effective power and heat generation from biomass. Electricity is delivered by industrial, commercially used medium scale (optimal range from 0,5 to 1,0 MWel) biomass cogeneration plants using wood gasification method.


Central component of the plant is gasifier. Pyrox gasification technology uses well-balanced combination of updraft and downdraft fixed bed gasifier systems, taking advantages from both principles. Pyrox gasification system is based on long term experience, know-how, patents. Gas production is stable and permanent process with constant woodgas parameters. Syngas in gasifier is obtained in pressureless process. This process consists of the following stages: drying – pyrolysis – oxidation– reduction. After wood chips are bringed in the top part of gasifier starts drying process using internal heat of gasifier. After drying stage follows pyrolysis process. In process of gasifying wood chips with oxygen from air there are forming oxidation products - CO2 and H2O; which is routed through the layer of glowing charcoal, thereby reducing to hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Main part of syngas heating value is build up by H2 and CO. Further reaction of these two components is resulting in a production of methane (CH4). Using oxygen as component of gasification, high temperature (approx. 1000*C in oxidation zone) and using „tailor-made“ design for gas flow through various stages of gas synthesis we obtain syngas with very low tar content. Long chain and aromatic hydrocarbons produced during the reaction processes are converted to syngas in 100 % because of high temperature and special gas flow stream. The water introduced with the timber in the process is reduced to hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O). Oxygen (O) connects with carbon (C) from charcoal and creates carbon monoxide (CO). Pyrox gasification technology does not produce any waste water. Side-product – ash – only falls to about 1% of the mass of wood chip input.


After woodgas is produced, it is cooled and cleaned. Gas cleaning system is significant part of the technology. Not only cyclone, quench or electrofilter are playing the key roles in gas cleaning process – it is important that every unit of the plant is directed by proper control and management system. It is also essential that Pyrox technology produces no waste waters.


Cleaned woodgas is burned in special woodgas engines generating power and heat on cogeneration principle. Pyrox suggests to use GE Jenbacher engines which are highly efficient and specially designed for Pyrox woodgas.