Standard Pyrox plant generates electric power with an output of 500; 750; 850 or 1000 kWel per each woodgas production line. 

Net heat energy output is approx. 1200 kWth per 1000kWel, gross heat energy output approx. 1700kWth per 1000kWel


Wood chips, preparation and storage

Woodchip consumption is approx. 1,1 kg/h of wet wood chips (humidity 40%) per kWel electric output. In gasification process PYROX can use any kind of woodchips. Moisture content of wood chips can be in range from 10 % - 60 % (W10-W60). Wood chip size: 20 – 100 mm; Recommended standard – G50. Content of small wood chip particles ( less than 10 mm) can not exceed 5 % of total content. Content of moisture in fresh wood chips (40-60 %) in process of drying (integrated) is reduced to 10-15 %. For integrated drying system Pyrox use heat which is obtained in cooling process of raw syngas from 750° C to 30° C.


Syngas cooling and purification

Temperature of syngas is cooled down from 750° C to 30° C. This heat from gas cooling is used for integrated wood chip drying system. In that way it’s possible to offer integrated solution. Syngas is cooled down and purified.

Gas cooling and purifying stages :

1) syngas temperature is reduced from 750° C to 450° C in specially designed heat exchanger;

2) syngas is cleaned from solid particles in high temperature cyclone;

3) syngas is cleaned and cooled (from 450° C to 30°) in quench with two-stage sprinkler system;

4) excess water and condensate from quench is forwarded to air humidification unit and recirculated back in process;

5) syngas is purified in electrostatic filter; impurities are recirculated back to gasifier.

As a result we obtain cooled; free from inpurities and tar syngas with caloric value of 1,5 – 1,8 kWh/Nm³. Purified and cooled syngas is combused in gas engine which is modified and optimised for wood gas utilization. Engine runs in cogeneration mode.


Equipment installation and management

Pyrox gasification plant consists of several modules. Equipment modules are manufactured with preinstalled pipes and cables. Plant setup is quite simple and involves installation of modules, joining of pipes and connection of cables to power supply. All equipment modules of Pyrox gasification plant are fully automated and integrated in one management program. Automated management of various processes provides an optimal response. Service staff have to carry out only control functions.

Pyrox offer usually includes the following components and services:

Woodchip drying and delivery (incl. screening, loading, storage/conveyer) system


Gas cooling units

Gas cleaning units, incl.cyclone, quench and electrostatic filter

Condensate cooling and cleaning unit

Gas analyzer

Remote control system

Gas engine and generator

Heat exchangers, pumps, vents, other equipment


Assembling/ Mechanical completion

Bringing into service/test run/training


Maintenance services

After commissioning the plant Pyrox provides necessary maintenance services. Different service packages are available depending on clients` needs and warranty cover for the particular plant.

Maintenance services, depending of maintenance service package, may include:

Routine maintenance according maintenance plan and maintenance specifications

Annual revision of plant

Necessary repairs including replacement of worn-out parts

Spare parts

Teleservice – remote diagnosis, support and analysis

And other