Effective use of Biomass

Pyrox technology of cogeneration using gasification allows to process biomass, including wood, in highly efficient way as opposed to just burning it. It solves multiple issues of forest management and wood utilization policy by promoting the most comprehensive use of less valuable timber, thus creating higher added-value.

Pyrox technology provides with solutions for sustainable use of local resources, which is important for any country that seeks preservation of its nature`s valuables. It delivers a viable alternative to export of wood as raw material and removes necessity for the ineffective long-distance transportation.

Pyrox technology prevents mistreatment of forest, caused by exploitation of seemingly effective solutions, which in fact neglects their negative impact on multiple regional aspects such as the capacity of local forest industry and ability of forest renewal.

Construction of Pyrox power plants fosters regional development, creating economical synergy with other related industries not only with energetics and forestry.


Sophisticated Power Production

Pyrox offers the most effective technology concerning electric power to heat ratio generated from wood. While most power generating technologies generates relatively small amount of electrical power compered to resources used and heat generated, cogeneration using gasification delivers more electricity consuming less amount of resources.

Some alternative energy sources are inconstant and therefore inappropriate for baseload power production. Pyrox power plants are able to ensure constant, predefined baseload electricity flow, which is crucial factor for every economy.

Many regions of the world hold plenty of biomass-related resources, but those resources are insufficiently utilized for production of power locally. Instead the power is mainly produced in plants far away and delivered to users by power transmission systems for very long distances. Therefore power transmission systems become overloaded, the power transmission – too expensive and these costs must be reduced. The Pyrox plants provide effective solution to the issue of power transmission costs. They can be constructed close to users in regions rich in forests, but lacking other resources for generating power.

Long distance power transmission systems are historically developed to deliver electricity form large scale power production plants. Extreme weather events happening more frequently due to the climate change increases risks of long distance power systems failure. Long lasting power cuts can be caused by heavy snow and wind conditions. One of the key responses to such disasters is distributed and decentralized power generation in regions as opposed to the concentration of power production in few centers.


Heat Generation Advantages

Heat generation based on the Pyrox technology is suitable for locations with access to biomass resources or where optimal logistics of those resources are ensured. The generated heat is intended for heating services companies, manufacturing plants with the need of huge supply of heat, greenhouses, wood-drying kilns, cold storage plants, trigeneration plants, fish farms.

Pyrox technology is especially effective for ensuring baseload heat supply. Power plants can be adjusted to meet each region`s or industry`s specific demand for baseload heat.


Care for the Environment

Power and heat generation from fossil fuel such as coal and natural gas releases into the air CO2 and other toxic oxides contributing to the greenhouse effect. Pyrox technology, however, is CO2 neutral and it allows to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the use of fossil fuel.

Forests are the main source of oxygen and without it the life simply can not exist on our planet. It is therefore essential to use our best efforts to preserve these nature`s valuables. Pyrox technology acknowledges and promotes the importance of forest renewal and sustainable forest management.

Pyrox plant generates power and heat in a closed cycle that does not cause negative impact to the environment. Side-product of the process is ash, which can be used as organic fertilizer in agriculture. The ash only falls to about 1% of the mass of plant`s processed wood chip.

Summary of benefits and possibilities of Pyrox technology:

  • High efficiency
  • Use of local resources for power and heat generation process, which produces higher added-value
  • Realization on an industrial standard
  • Efficient electric power-to-heat ratio
  • Constant supply of baseload power and heat
  • Elimination of power transmission costs
  • Decentralization and diversification of power and heat generation sources
  • Independence from large scale power plants
  • Comprehensive use of less valuable timber, efficient forest management, forest preservation and renewal
  • Creating economical synergy with related industries
  • Rejection of fossil resources
  • Reduction of the greenhouse effect
  • No competition to food industry
  • No waste production


Undertaken developments

Pyrox, in cooperation with the leading institutes and researchers, is working on discovery, development and implementation of alternative and advanced ways of syngas application – converting syngas in liquid fuel, transforming syngas deliverable to wider range of consumers.

Pyrox technology will offer you multiple different advantages. Contact us to receive more detailed information. We will be grateful to become your partners!